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Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 2

Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 2
In the last post we left the Docklands pre-meet to head towards Monash University. Traffic was much heavier than we expected and the west-siders slowly trickled in instead of arriving together. There were already a number of people there and it only meant there was less of a queue to get a parking spot. The cars continued to slowly roll in as everyone caught up with their old friends, made some new ones and just checked out the cars in general. The sausage sizzle table was already set up when we arrived with (Nakama)Vu's beautiful and pregnant wife Bel managing the sizzle alongside his sister in law Cindy. 17276370694_05be048473_o17276379024_eed6c96850_o The benefit of a private meet where everyone who attended was a familiar face, in the 3 hours we were there between 5pm - 8pm, not a single person attempted to hoon or draw attention to themselves by revving. Such responsible behaviour made it a lot more encouraging that everyone took what we preached seriously in order to allow us to possibly put together another one in the future. The private setting of the meet made the atmosphere feel more like a social gathering than a car meet. The cars faded into the backdrop and everyone spent their time catching up with friends instead. 17896133142_61365e8e54_o17712708739_23455632a9_o At that ride height, I wonder if he really does go "aah" 24-7. Custom repainted in midnight purple and freshly resprayed wheels! 17712710949_b1f844c5a2_o There was also another custom wide-bodied 2Jz swapped Altezza that was present that night who unfortunately left early and we were unable to grab any pictures of. 17899415731_ac545f5712_o The old Toyotas that mattered, the Celica had a miniature replica of his car sitting on his roof for the night. 17711063258_41f6e1e0fd_o Kenny's freshly sleepy eyed FD Rx7 alongside Vu's and Van's 86s. 17872531376_f2168a448e_o 17899397361_c6a419f619_o There was no shortage of S2000s at the meet and much like the Japanese, each portrayed their own individual style through the way they modified their cars. We had stanced S2000s, stock bodied S2000s with nice wheels and simple bolt ons to Billie's S2000 dressed in a Voltex bumper and GT Wing! 17712622729_22350daa4f_o 17711332990_e5312da7ba_o17711123608_a2e7f5b893_o 17711054438_a22ebafa0e_o 17872579566_668b03c879_o 17711370890_fb35c0c30e_o17872527246_f2284e4b3b_o Nissan's were out in force at this meet with a nice variety from old to new. These two freshly restored 240z's drew admirers through the night, only to be outshone by the pack of 180s that invaded later in the night! 17711052148_062415377d_o 17276419474_1460c7fa35_o This was the first time that Peter's s14 has been driven on the street in years! 17276326254_19faaa1572_o17276399474_b01e2e605c_o The pack of 180sxs that took over the meet, a number of them rarely ever seeing any street time. Amongst them was Athids track car, stripped interior, built motor and a roll cage that was painted white! The thing looked insanely menacing even just parked! 17899418071_13b0d74e90_o 17712689119_455db7817e_o 17712687259_af103c1a66_o 17898894425_d3f7335e66_o17278494803_36fc2c9a95_o17276390184_f5822fa035_o Similar to the S2000s, the S15s were represented by very different styles, each looking spectacular in their own way. 17711362120_e71c2e6c9e_o17276376574_dfbd9d0fdd_o 17712707209_299d53936f_o and what Nissan family would be complete without some BNRs? This particular yellow one belonged to Aaron. The car has fitted some Alcon brakes, CAMS approved roll cage and RE30s. He mentioned that it would be getting a makeover both inside and out by the end of this year and I cannot wait to see what lies in store. 17713151889_dcea476839_o 17712670549_8e77c77fae_o 11347755_10153033308793220_213330190_o No Japanese meet would be complete if we did not have some Subarus. 17276412604_75be89e308_o 17711082968_c287b2022b_o 17898972655_0ac3a42c99_o This is what many of the people that left early missed. An extremely rare manual NSX showed up later in the night! Sitting on RE30s and fresh Recaro seats, the interior condition looked really new for its age! 17899400031_5b5389894e_o 17711324580_4951ae1333_o These 2 German metals blended in well with the crowd, modified properly and tastefully. 17898955095_1f60ee5fd4_o17899426241_276f55c3e5_o This is Paul's (PT works) R33 GTR Vspec! In the background you also see Vu, Bel and Cindy packing up the sausage sizzle, tables and chairs. So a great thank you to the few of them who did a large majority of the heavy lifting to make this event turn out the way it did. 17895866492_7a9944906b_o Al captures and his liberty Sti. 17899457231_7f505f0121_o 17712684589_ce246e16cf_o Most importantly, we have to especially thank Monash University and the Monash RC drift club for granting us use of their location and for making this all possible. I hope you enjoyed the coverage of this private meet! Do share the post if you liked what you saw ! 17872509056_45432c5c88_o


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