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Sun Evolution

Sun Evolution

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo, Cyber Imp & Sam, Stuntman : Neo

If you have read the teaser, you would understand why I deemed this the "Sun Evolution". For the benefit of those who didn't, I'll explain it again and this time with pictures instead. Also, if you noticed the addition to the credits at the top, its explained further down the post.

This is our second night shoot for TheRightWrong crew. You might be wondering why the sudden change in concepts when most of our previous shoots were mostly in the day and in open spaces with sufficient lighting. Simply put, we chose the night shoot particularly for this car.

With a colour code like that, we did not really need sufficient lighting when the car is it's own light source.

I also chose these locations because I meant to emphasize how this car can brighten up a dull area...

and some of you might be sitting in your offices right now reading this feature to relieve your work blues. (Hope we helped!) Regardless, lets redirect your focus to the car. If you looked at this picture carefully, you would realize that the car's colour changes with the lighting around it. By my definition, there are 4 levels of brightness. The first level is "Wow, that's striking". Sitting on Rota Grids, 18 x 9JJ +12 The second level is "Damn, thats bright!". Third would be "Ok, thats a little too bright". Lastly, its "AHHHH ITS BURNING MY EYES!!!" Bright. Looks amazing doesn't it and this is the exact reason we chose a night shoot specifically for this car. If you have realized it, I applaud you for being observant and a regular reader! We actually used the same location as the AE86 feature. The reason for that is, I'd really like to show you the true effect of this car by doing a brief comparison. Unfortunately there was some construction work at the exact same point, we carried on shooting nonetheless. Here you have an amazing looking car. And here you have an amazing looking attention grabbing car! It some how manages to even make dark alleys look bright! That being said, I think I have emphasized enough on how striking this car is. Put that colour in the contrast of his Carbon Fiber Varis bonnet and Carbon Fiber Chargespeed styled wide fenders and you have one hell of a mean looking car! The owner of this car is actually the third Benjamin we have had on our site with feature cars. You've got to admit, this is somewhat proof that all people with the name beginning with "Ben" have an uncanny ability to produce amazing looking cars! (Please scroll to top to notice writer's name) This Benjamin was also the first to sport our new The Right Wrong sticker, exclusively given to only our feature cars or our crew members. The Right Wrong Represent! Dressed in a sexy Voltex kit, you can be assured this car definitely has the show. Here's a little hint about the go. You probably might not have the chance to read that We actually planned to bring Benjamin to a third location just to show you more of this light emiting Evolution. Unfortunately for us, Benjamin had an urgent matter to attend to and we regrettably had to cut the shoot short. Don't fret, we at always try our best to never disappoint! So we had resident photographer, Neo and acting stuntman for the night capture these! Rolling shots are normal, so why term him to be acting stuntman you ask? Allow me to elaborate. For this particular shoot we had another photographer join us, Sam. He happened to have access to a bus and with other photographer, Cyber Imp and myself preoccupied, the only vehicle available for the rolling shoot was the bus. That angle is defined as Camera-almost-scraped-the-floor angle. TheRightWrong crew always believes in giving credit where credit is due. This is definitely one of those times where credit is due. Neo literally had to lean himself out the side of the bus with nothing but a seat-belt around his chest to prevent him from falling out just to capture pictures like these! This stunning close up shot was taken by having Benjamin drive CRAZY close to the bus for Neo to capture. It illustrates the measures we actually resort to just to show case the details of the cars we feature. I sincerely and honestly have to give Neo additional credit for having the guts to do this for us. Had that been me, my heart would probably be beating so fast all you would see will be pictures of blurred pink. Also, I mentioned Cyber Imp and I being preoccupied. In case you were wondering what were we doing.... We decided to shoot a little bit of another threesome! For this threesome equation, take Benjamin's Evo as brighter then the sun, mine in white to represent the moon and add in Cyber Imp's blue Evo. The result you will get is.... The Sun, the moon and once in a blue moon! Alright, that was a cold joke but it still does look pretty amazing! What you see here are the better pictures. What we have yet to show you is the traffic jam we caused. Some cars slowed down to see what we were doing. There were the courteous few who actually accelerated hard in order to not get in the way. Then there were those who hovered behind us wondering if they should attempt to overtake. I wonder if any of our readers happened to pass by while we were doing the shoot. Strangely,there were quite a lot of cars despite us doing this near midnight. It was ultimately quite an amazing experience to be shooting Benjamin's Evo. It sounded... There's really no other words to describe it. Just plain awesome to have the noise of 3 Evos resonating through that tunnel. Well, to be exact it was mostly Benjamin's noise that resonated through that tunnel. Kind of drowning out the noise Cyber Imp's and my car made. I think we did contribute a little bit though! It's been an amazing first month since our launch for and we're definitely looking forward to bringing you more car porn! We thank you for your continuous support and remember to share us with your friends! You can also like us on facebook HERE. As they always say, good things must share!


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