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Teched out Porky

Teched out Porky

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo Photography

When Porsche first released the Panamera, it looked like this.

Sure it was Porsche's first attempt at building a sports luxury sedan but being the Porsche fan I am, I found myself comparing it to the sleek lines of the 911. The Panamera looked big and chunky, not what I would expect from a super car company. To be frank it sort of looked like a frog in certain angles. Then the owner of this Panamera, Benjamin came along and changed my mind about this car.

He certainly changed my mind a whole lot

I'm sure we have all experienced moments where seeing a car you never previously liked, when modified properly changed your perspective about the car all together. After this shoot made me look at Panameras with a totally different view. Now I see a car with a lot of potential to be as sexy as a 911, if not sexier.

This isn't any other Panamera. It's the Panamera 4, a more powerful version of the normal Panamera.

You're probably wondering how did a car looking as ugly as that (Refer to very first picture) become as stunning as this, here are the answers. This car is rocking a Techart kit and Vellano wheels.

If you are actually reading the words in this article, then you're probably a car lover. If you are a car lover then you're probably familiar with Techart. They are after-all one of the, if not the best body kit builders for Porsches.

They give Porsches such sleek and slender and yet aggressive looks that does wonders to how much presence is felt when looking at the car.

However if you are unfamiliar with the brand Vellano, they are a company that specializes in making forged rims and are usually used on upper range luxury cars and super cars.

Like what most car lovers will understand, every nice car usually starts of with something less exciting in mind.

Some of the most heavily modified cars start off being "The daily driver I will drive to work in everyday"

Those cars usually end up being so heavily modified its impossible on a daily basis.

This car started of as a children carrier. Yes, this stunning car is used to ferry their kids to school.

Imagine your dad arriving at your school to pick you up in THIS!

In case you have not noticed, the massive tires hugging those rims would cost you 900 dollars per piece! If you're a JDM nut, let me put it into perspective for you. 4 of those tires would mean you could almost buy a full set of TE37SLs. Imagine using TE37SLs for tires.

But its priceless to have the car look this stunning What you see in your mirrors

As those of you what have seen our teaser on the Facebook page HERE, you would know we went to great lengths to make sure the photos of this car show you how truly amazing it looks in real life.

What you did not see was the 15232427894232 mosquito bites the car's owner, Benjamin, his wife and our crew had to endure just to capture these images for you. Benjamin and wife was a good sport though. Instead of hiding in the car in all its comfort and air conditioning, they stood outside and endured those bites with us.

We also had to fully utilize all the functions of our editor's car.

A rolling shot of a rolling shot.

To capture for you the rolling shots. Words cannot express how incredible this car looks on the roads of Singapore but pictures sure can.

And...... The-a-the-a-the-a that's all folks! From this porky at least. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page for more sneak previews exclusive only to the Facebook page on whats up and coming!

HINT* If you're a JDM nut, you will definitely regret missing our next feature.


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