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TheRightWrong @ 100mm

TheRightWrong @ 100mm

by Ben Wong

6 years ago

A while ago a group of my friends decided to gather under the name TheRightWrong to take part in a car event named 100mm in Melbourne. Was the first time that a few of us took part in an 100mm event and this year's event was under a completely new organiser. Lots of controversy surrounded the event prior to the event actually happening. Nonetheless, we decided to put on our best form and enjoy the event any way. The bump in time for our group was 7am, so we met up at Footscray at 6.30am before a brief squirt through to city to get to the registration carpark. Now the show participants that displayed their cars were not allowed to leave until 5pm and me deciding not to sleep the night before was the worst idea you could possibly think of. The original plan was to leave my car in the morning and head home to sleep but the rest of the crew had other plans. We ended up playing Dota 1 until it was nearly time to leave. Yes you read correctly, dota 1. Struggling to stay awake through the day with no sleep, it was a day that would have been torture if not for the company that made it so incredibly enjoyable. It got me thinking about car culture and what it does for us. You often hear car guys talking about how it is a lifestyle and not just a hobby, most car guys have close friends who share the same passion. In fact, I'm certain many of you reading this post would be able to relate and think of the friends you have met through cars. trw_22784170371_o trw_22784139071_o trw_22784096941_o trw_22784080541_oWe watched everyone setup before heading out to a nearby cafe for breakfast.trw_22784060831_o Caleb's first of two cars that he brought out. Authentic AP2 s2000, also sporting a authentic spoon hard top, voltex front bumper and gt wing and some fat ce28s. trw_22784005911_o trw_22747006206_otrw_22746751606_oMy Rx7 in Porsche GT3RS grey, no regrets on colour and body kit choice!trw_22783992881_oPaul's midnight purple R33. He tends to shy away from attention because he feels most people have a negative view of the R33 GTR. He was also nominated for best paint at the show and sitting on 18 x 10.5 advan TC3s, I'm not sure how could any one not like the R33.trw_22783988321_otrw_22150366074_o Steven's and Paul's Evos. Supposed to be joined by Allan in his Evo 7 to make up the entire Ct9a family, Allan woke up late from getting too hung over the night before so we ended up having to park him seperately.trw_22773104645_otrw_22784257751_otrw_22150013494_otrw_22584807420_oAllan's Evo 7. Got quite a bit of attention on the day. Not often do you see a midnight purple evo as stanced as his. Looks insanely good in the flesh.trw_22772951675_oThuan's hatch back sti, daily driven on some custom polished te37s. Its just a clean car all round with new power mods and flexifuel, quick too!trw_22150003064_otrw_22747017536_oJett's s2000. Recently finishing a make over with the wide fenders front and rear, with a lot more power mods to come. This car gets regular track time at winton!trw_22746788926_otrw_22773008405_o Justin's stanced s2000 sitting on two difference wheels just for the event. The presence of this car on the road to and from the event was insane, its hard to believe he used to daily this thing.trw_22151656753_otrw_22151901053_oTamothy's Golf R, meaty fitment and properly driven. If you don't like his car you can also read his plates.trw_22151628013_otrw_22151881363_otrw_22151927903_oOnce again, thanks to boys for coming out to hang. Made the day the most fun I've had in a while despite the extremely sleep deprived state. A few stanced Vws further down the row from us. The lack of space put many of the cars in the far corner of the event grounds. Felt like an abandoned corner where they dumped all the rest of the cars. It was quite the waste because there were quite a number of nicely done cars that never got any attention simply because many people did not even know there were more cars in that corner.trw_22773057395_o trw_22150320984_otrw_22150242444_o trw_22150231434_o trw_22150221514_o trw_22759561782_o trw_22759549322_o trw_22759543422_o trw_22759456632_o trw_22151845193_otrw_22759445152_o trw_22784279171_oThis R33 was sitting at the furthest corner. One of the most aggressive and track looking R33s I've seen and it certainly deserved a lot more attention than it got. trw_22747105786_otrw_22151965483_otrw_22584998720_o trw_22584987790_o trw_22584981240_oIn the main show area you had the center of attraction. The Liberty walk M3 by Sunus motorsports, RWB Porsche in pink that was built to represent Australia and the Carbon plus GTR. trw_22772904415_o trw_22150056594_otrw_22584968120_otrw_22584860330_otrw_22151704603_otrw_22772892865_o trw_22772872525_o trw_22759374552_o trw_22759352462_oThe 100mm event organiser spotted guiding the "Kaiju" cars into their lots.trw_22759338842_o Oliver walked home with 2 trophies that day. His RB swapped S13 drift car has a pretty large fan following, building the car from ground up on his own while juggling a full time job was no easy feat. Much respect to the man. If you're interested in looking at his build you can see it on his Facebook page. trw_22759318112_o The frushlife crew certainly knew how to make old Japanese cars look good! Love the FC and R32 they brought out.trw_22759266892_o trw_22759261832_o trw_22747111486_o trw_22746936476_o Athid's sexy Porsche sitting by the OTR booth.trw_22746902156_o trw_22746828206_o trw_22584935990_o trw_22584902430_o trw_22150087234_otrw_22584877930_o trw_22584837950_o trw_22151745463_o Wasn't a detailed post but I hope you guys enjoyed the cars any way. Looking forward to organising another recreate Japan meet since the weather is getting good now!


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