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Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore : Banzai Attack!

Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore : Banzai Attack!

Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

It has been a week since the inaugural Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. The event attracted many car enthusiasts from around the region. Photos have been circulating around the internet and audiences that graced the event experienced first hand what the Japanese car tuning scene could offer. Let us now take a look at the highlights of this car show that had thousands flocking to the venue. It was 9am on the first day of the event, and the media was set and ready for a preview of the offerings, just before the gates opened to the public at 10am. The first car that stood before me was one that was familiar, one that I came across during the Nayoga Exciting Car Showdown - the Re Amemiya Rx7. I believe there are enough photos around the net showcasing Amemiya san's smooth flowing creation. A definite high of the show. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9015web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9447web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9017webTokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9019web Just behind it is a car that never made it to our shores. The supercharged 6.2L V8 american fueled Corvette ZR1 which burns rubber on a daily basis from RK Design. Draped in a matt grey finish and carbon aero parts, this ride looks fast even at a standstill. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9029web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9024webTokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9027web Varis also brought out their prized procession in the form of this Nissan R35 GTR rolling on the latest Advan GT wheels. Such a perfect match with those new widen fenders and bodywork. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9145web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9166web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9154web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9148web I was all hyped up when I saw that Top Fuel was one of the exhibitors and an S2000 is what they will be bringing. In my mind was the carbon laded menacing time attack vehicle that NOB piloted during WTAC. Still kind of disappointed when what was standing at the booth was a more mild built. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9190web For fans who had been to both Tokyo Auto Salon and SEMA would know that the current model to own for the modding scene would be non other than the Toyota FT86/Scion FRS. Local prices of the vehicle is a killjoy for people who wants a simple RWD coupe that has a ton of aftermarket support and customization options. Painted in signature Top Secret gold is the Tra Kyoto Rocket Bunny kitted FT86. Seeing the aerokit in details really shows the time and effort that Kei Miura had put in. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9189web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9167web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9184web Aero parts manufacturer DAMD also had their Lexus LFA inspired Hachi shipped in to pleasure our local audiences. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9264web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9245web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9260web All Honda fanboys were on a high when the organizers released news and photos of the NSX that Spoon Sports built will be coming over. I bet you will see a long line of fans carrying things from cam covers to other small premiums to be signed if Ichishima san came over. Aww, the boys were sure disappointed. :P TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9116web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9106web Still on Hondas, the Amuse GT-1 was there with a newer set of massive canards holding on for front end traction. Dry carbon hard top and those riveted on over fenders were such a crowd pleaser. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9070web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9067web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9078web Needs no introduction. The Veilside Premier 4509 GTR. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9209web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9220web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9215web Zesty Racing's time attack Rx7 sure turned a few heads, those aggressive aero parts and Volks TE37tta are to die for! TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9094web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9092web Abflug's GTR with its intricate bodykit and deep dished wheels. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9420web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9239web Up next we have the cars that had people gasping with "Oos and Ahhs" all weekend. First up with have the Car Sense TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9057web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9052web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9047web A custom K Break Aristo in drop top fashion with a full itasha treatment. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9032web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9033web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9043web Finally, I bring you the car that had me walking back countless times to take shots of it and tons of people playing with its Wi-Fi enabled air ride suspension. The Job Design LS460.TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9265webSlammed to the ground with its universal air suspension sitting on custom painted Works Equip 05 while trying to hide those massive Job Design brakes. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9119web The bodykit is also nothing short of sophisticated. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9130web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9547web Wrapped in white leather with red accents finish its interiors. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9469web TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9467web One last look at the profile of this fine automobile from the Land of the Raising Sun. TokyoAutoSalonSG2013_MG_9140web Stay tuned for our next post with cars that ride on the tarmac of our local roads. Cheers Randy F


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