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Volkswagen Jamboree 2012 (Tokyo)

Volkswagen Jamboree 2012 (Tokyo)

Words by : RandyF Photos by : RandyF

During my shop visit to MoonEyes, Moon of Japan (article coming up after this, this event is way too backlogged) I got news from the staff at the shop that there will be a "gathering" of Volkswagen that will be happening over the weekend at the PA near Tokyo Teleport station. Gathering to me is probably 30 cars chilling over a couple of drinks under the sun and doing nothing much but admiring each others automobile. 30 cars, small gathering must be held a small PA to me. Coming out of the subway to the PA just in front of the Toyota Museum, only a small line of taxis was to be seen. Did I really just spend like SGD$10 on train and got the dates wrong? Decided to ask the taxi drivers if theres another PA around the area, nope was his answer. Not giving in, up came the iPhone and google map, there was another PA about 5 mins away, boy it was huge, than the rumbling of the flat four off a Beetle just drove by. Follow it! Location was huge. Later did I realized that this is maybe the largest VW show in Tokyo, or even Japan. With an area this big, what should I be expecting? VW specialists have massive booths displaying show cars and clients cars? Or a grassroots events where anyone is invited, just like how we want The Alliance Meet to be? Paid for my ticket and was flanked by 2 VW workshops that were specializing in 2 different genres. How bout a race ready, muffler in the sky, Advan A050 wearing VW Beetle being trailered by a Chevy truck in custom candy teal? Not having 1 but 2 race cars and trailers. On my left, contestant number 2, a pair of nicely restored Beetles. Everything looks period correct. A couple of steps away were the nice people from Moon Of Japan, MoonEyes. Displaying their madly glittered yellow dune buggy in the all famous Moon Disk on all four corners, something we dont have in Singapore. When i mean madly glittered I do mean MADLY. Maybe it's their style because their custom bikes in the shop are also doning glittered out paint job in different shades. Topping it off with some pinstriping. Moving in towards the sea of VW, there was more to it, Karmann ghias. We have seen some pretty nice setups for the workshops moving in I realized the show also had grassroots value to it. How bout a family of 4, chilling under the nice weather just beside this slammed Ghia. I envy those kids, I never had a family outing like this, like that say, its good to start early. We also have kids riding their plastic horses. Wooden horse? They must be having fun in their scaled model of their dad's ride. Handbags, ladies? The show also consisted of swap meets. I believe almost anything you want for your ride can be found here from fellow enthusiast. Not limiting to car parts only, there are also people selling Tomica models to clothes. TOMICA! Cooper, chrome for polished for you sir? Magazines, dvds and collectables, right out from your bus. Wheels galore! Yes yes, lets move onto the cars already. Oh my bad, Bus in this case. Most of the buses at the show were in pretty darn good nick, except a few that were going to the route of showing off its patina. Some sick flame job with a race inspired interior, just look at those bare aluminium full bucket seats! All motor you say? All ready to go. I have got much more photos, but I have picked a few not wanting to drag the post too long which i believe will, for buses I will end with this one. Porsche wheels, cut wheel tubs slammed to the ground in this loud orange shade. Everyone was just checking it out. How low is low? Sticker bombed too? Buses were not only there to be showcased, but also provide food for the audience through out the show. When I say provide food, I don't mean bottled drinks, chips or low grade off the shelves hotdogs. There were buses converted to serve artisan coffees, bento boxes and even the craziest of the lot that had a wood burning oven right inside his bus to churn out mouth watering thin crust pizzas! Scratch made muffins anyone? Just for you to chill out. The show was mostly made up of Beetles, from race inspired to show winning cars. How 'bout one with a sweet motor? All chromed and polished out. And wheels to suit all needs and taste. Probably got his ideas from early Porsches, coupled with a pair of Recaros and some sticky street tires. When trailering bicycles were things of yester-years. Certainly one of the show wining cars, just look at how it captivates the audience. Best street car. From show winning cars to those who have seen year of wear. Some hand painted goodness from a Japanese artist. Let's now move onto the smaller groups like Ghais and wagons. This particular car really caught my attention, the color/paint the stance and the interior. The addition of modern looking wheels really makes this one stand out. Love how the purple-ish / brown-ish hue looks under the sun. The wagons came out to play too. Making a statement. To top the cars off, Porsche 365. Not anything like RWB but still a car I would love to rock any day driving top down through the open mountain roads in the sunny Okinawa. The cars make up a big part of the show, so does the people. Everyone was all smiles and laughter, no discrimination from show winning cars on those who have uncompleted hot rod theme vehicles. There were also some interesting characters at the show. Seems like Doraemon decided to turn up for the party armed with a video cam. So did his partner in their Itasha theme car. There were also a couple of artist around, like GHOST(The one in shades) which I read about in the freebies I got from purchasing some merchandise from MoonEyes. Talk about dedication. And to part of the group that made it happen. Parting off with prize giving. This was officially my first car show in Japan, what a blast it was. Awesome car, fantastic people and fine weather to top it all off. Not to forget good food. Really can't wait to get onboard a plane headed for Haneda airport soon. Tokyo Auto Salon 2013? More articles on trip in the pipeline. Regards Randy F


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