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Event : Black Label Invitational

Event : Black Label Invitational
A few weeks have passed since Black Label Invitational happened and if the amount of constant content from photographers and videographers still popping up on social media is any indication of how well Black Label has done, I'd say it was a great success. Black label was a much needed car show for the Melbourne scene, with several other event organisers attempting to host successful shows in Melbourne but never truly hitting the mark. Raymond was the original organiser of the 100mm show and since leaving in 2015 has thought about hosting another for quite a while now. As things go, life got in the way and it wasn't until August 2018 that he finally decided to get things going. For Raymond, he always loved looking at examples of car shows from around the globe. The shows from America and Japan seem to continuously spring newer and higher quality builds with each passing show. Looking back at Melbourne, he felt like we needed a platform to show case the cars we have despite having a much smaller car scene. The concept behind Black Label being, the show is only as successful as the quality of cars attending. This is why they decided to ditch the conventional application process of most car shows and host it on an invitation basis only. While there has been several car shows / festivals in the past several months, never has one gotten the support of such a large majority of the car community. In the months leading up to Black Label, you might have seen many people sharing on social media the Black Label event countdown. Many were rushing to acquire new parts, getting new paint jobs or even just getting new wheel setups to unveil at Black Label. The craziest s2000 build in all of Australia called Project Yume by Nakama Workshop was also getting unveiled at Black Label. We'll get more photos of project Yume in the near future with a proper full feature. Did I also mention that it's also still street registered? Quick thanks to PT works for taking snaps for us all day, give him a follow if you haven't yet! ptw_8028_48431558632_o ptw_8027_48431558882_o ptw_8025_48431415711_o ptw_8024-2_48431415951_o We were fortunate enough to receive an invite from the Black Label team, so we scrambled to put together a small group of cars and entered Black Label as The Right Wrong crew. Some of the images you will see will include our journey to Black Label. While completely unrelated to Black Label, this is what the car scene is really about which is why I'd also like to include pictures of our journey to Black Label. It's about getting a group of friends together to prepare for a car show, staying up late with the support of your friends to get a car finished or even just the detailing of the cars before the event that simply define the friendships you forge from within the car community. Much of the paint preparation our crew received came in the form of Namikon automotive detailing. Dave and his team put in an insane amount of time even after opening hours for several days before the event just to make sure every single one of our cars were glossy and swirl free. Massive thank you to Dave and his team for taking such great care of our cars as though they were yours and if you liked the finish of the paint on our cars, be sure to send Namikon a message. ptw_7900-copy_48405223356_o ptw_7902-copy_48405206896_o ptw_7904-copy_48405187621_o ptw_7906_48396307401_o ptw_7910_48396287641_o ptw_7912_48396260951_o Black label was beyond a doubt a much needed injection into the Melbourne car scene. It got so much of the car community to rally behind and show their full support for the event with many rarely seen garage queens on display at Melbourne showgrounds as well. Car shows are about reconnecting with long lost old friends and forming closer bonds with existing ones. With the amount of support behind the organisers and the event, Black Label Invitational 2020 is something we most definitely look forward to! 2m5a2660_48431591422_o Enjoy the pictures taken by the ever talented PT works of the event. A couple of pictures of the crew ptw_7917_48431587192_o group-copy_48405429282_o ptw_8110_48431535422_o ptw_8109_48431392061_o ptw_8108_48431392441_o ptw_8107_48431536797_o ptw_8106_48431536942_o ptw_8103_48431393476_o ptw_8102_48431537877_o ptw_8101_48431538342_o ptw_8100_48431394746_o ptw_8013_48431419221_o ptw_7978_48431430686_o ptw_7977_48431431161_o ptw_7976_48431575757_o ptw_7974_48431432056_o ptw_7973_48431432621_o ptw_7972_48431433301_o ptw_7933_48431582907_o ptw_7961_48431581692_o ptw_7932_48431583517_o ptw_7931_48396349752_o ptw_7930_48431583787_o ptw_7929_48431440126_o ptw_7928_48431440841_o ptw_7925_48431441096_o ptw_7924_48431441421_o ptw_7922_48396385212_o ptw_7921_48431441961_o ptw_7920_48431442261_o ptw_7919_48431442511_o ptw_7918_48431442861_o ptw_7913_48431587797_o 2m5a2674_48431444611_o 2m5a2650_48431592982_o 2m5a2654_48431448331_o 2m5a2671_48431445826_o 2m5a2649_48431449711_o 2m5a2648_48431594422_o 2m5a2647_48431451171_o 2m5a2646_48431451661_o 2m5a2633_48431453866_o 2m5a2631_48431598732_o The MK Motorsports M4ptw_8092_48431539092_o ptw_8091_48431395646_o The organiser of Black Label, Raymond and his Bmw M3 ptw_8057_48431406366_o ptw_8058_48431549882_o Jett, the owner of Project Yume also brought out his nut and bolt restored AE86 rebuilt by HR workshop ptw_7965_48431580222_o ptw_8083_48431397621_o ptw_8084_48431397181_o ptw_8085_48431540732_o ptw_8086_48431540602_oKTN Motorworks also brought out a couple of cars ptw_8082_48431397776_o ptw_8081_48431542272_o ptw_8045_48431554492_o RWB #2 within Australia! ptw_8055_48431407216_o ptw_8065_48431547427_optw_8061_48431548732_o ptw_8062_48431548247_o ptw_8063_48431404081_optw_8051_48431552632_o ptw_8005_48431421976_optw_8023_48431416931_o ptw_8017_48431418346_o ptw_8015_48431419001_o ptw_8001_48431567197_o ptw_7996_48431568347_o ptw_8080_48431398281_o ptw_8078_48431542847_o ptw_8072_48431400916_o Instagram : Kevin Tran's IS350. ptw_8071_48431545302_o ptw_8069_48431546152_o ptw_8068_48431402376_o ptw_8067_48431402846_o ptw_8066_48431403181_o ptw_8064_48431547827_o ptw_8060_48431549192_o ptw_8059_48431549682_o ptw_8056_48431406801_o ptw_8054_48431407401_o ptw_8053_48431551502_o ptw_8052_48431408251_o ptw_8050_48431553012_o ptw_8049_48431553482_o ptw_8048_48431553922_o The custom spec LMGT1 on this R33 GTR looked absolutely stunning in person.ptw_8044_48431554712_o ptw_8043_48431554882_o ptw_8042_48431555062_o ptw_8041_48431411566_o ptw_8040_48431411766_o ptw_8038_48431411936_o ptw_8037_48431556357_o ptw_8036_48431412626_o ptw_8035_48431556902_o ptw_8032_48431557427_o ptw_8031_48431413601_o ptw_8030_48431413971_o ptw_8029_48431558417_o ptw_8022_48431561067_o ptw_8020_48431561537_o ptw_8019_48431561767_o ptw_8016_48431418626_o ptw_8012_48431419371_o ptw_8011_48431563532_o ptw_8010_48431563812_o ptw_8004_48431422481_o ptw_8009_48431420476_o ptw_8008_48431420846_o ptw_8007_48431564912_o ptw_8002_48431566622_o ptw_7999_48431567552_o ptw_7998_48431423821_o ptw_7997_48431424126_o Instagram tag for this lovely Mk1 golf cabrio is AKMK12loptw_7995_48396319672_o ptw_7993_48431568962_o ptw_7992_48431569327_o ptw_7991_48431426011_o ptw_7990_48431570397_o ptw_7988_48431570752_o ptw_7986_48431571782_o This amazing 180 from Instagram link : Primal Garage is absolutely stunning!ptw_7984_48431572672_o ptw_7983_48431429176_o ptw_7982_48431573847_o ptw_7981_48431430141_o ptw_7966_48431435776_o ptw_7967_48431435156_o ptw_7968_48431578727_o ptw_7969_48431433931_o ptw_7962_48431436666_o ptw_7960_48431582327_o Stanced cars are everywhere, but this build is just on a another level. From the tear drop screamer pipes out the bonnet to the tear dropped exhaust out the rear fender and the custom LED tail lights. Its a sight to behold in person.ptw_7987_48431571267_o Couple of interstate entrants from Canberra too.ptw_8006_48431565397_o ptw_8076_48431399806_o ptw_8073_48431544472_o ptw_8075_48396236462_oAt the end of the evening, TheRightWrong crew were honored to walk away with two prizes. Best car club and best of show with that insane 2JZ swapped 180sx. If you'd like to follow his build click on his instagram HERE. Once again a massive thank you to Namikon automotive detailing for helping get us there!ptw_8097_48396265497_o ptw_8095_48396078126_o ptw_8096_48396209497_o Last but not least, Hartnett media and his murdered out beast. If you haven't seen his video on the Black Label event, it is embedded right below. Be sure to give it a watch! ptw_7985_48431572287_o


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