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Cliff's R34 Skyline

Cliff's R34 Skyline
This particular R34 Skyline was purchased completely stock by a man named Cliff. The car had nothing more than a set of wheels on it at the time and has undergone multiple transformations into the final version you see before you. We are the only automotive media that was given the opportunity to showcase this car to you in Singapore and we couldn't be more honoured. Cliff's attention to detail in building this car was on a level we have never seen before. What is even more amazing, is that much of the mechanical work was done by Cliff and Cliff himself, with some blood, sweat and tears in his own home. In Singapore's context, most cars get their modifications done by a designated workshop because our labour is considerably cheap and a large majority of the time we simply don't have the space, resources or tools to do the job ourselves. Cliff was fortunate to come from a family where octane runs in the blood, his brothers and father alike have cars that most people can only dream of owning. So by no means was Cliff unable to afford an actual GTR, there just wasn't one for sale at the time and he had to settle for what he could get. That apart from the fact that most R34 GTR owners in Singapore would likely never sell their cars either, due to its value and rarity. Cliff_R34_MG_9066-halfweb Over the next few months, he slowly gathered parts and assembled them piece by piece into the final product you see before you. Its not an exterior only conversion that the car went through, everything from the interior to the mechanicals were given a thorough work through. Scroll down and read the list of things that were replaced on the car and you'll have a list that's probably longer than this article. When I was first told we were going to do a photoshoot of an R34 skyline that looks like a GTR, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Seeing that an actual R34 GTR in Singapore was hard to come by, curiosity got the better of me and wanted to see how accurate of a conversion was done. Cliff_R34_MG_9052web Converted cars always face some sort of judgement in some form or another. GTR fan boys and their defense in having a GTR badge on a non-GTR, or the lancers converted to look like Evos and Imprezas to look like STIs. The reason being most of the time it has all the looks but none of the performance traits of the real thing. Cliff_R34_MG_9037WEB Cliff’s car however had its conversion done on a completely different scale. If anything, the car probably has more performance parts than many of the GTRs out there. We met Cliff and his friends in a dimly lit carpark in Serangoon. This would unfortunately be the only feature for the Skyline as at the time of the photoshoot, it had already been sold to a new owner. The car was sold and replaced with an S15 which we also have lined up to be featured on the website in the near future. The lumpy idle of his Skyline drew our attention to his car as he pulled into the carpark. Being my first time meeting Cliff, he is one of the most down to earth and nicest people you could meet. Humble and friendly would best describe him, and never would you expect him to be the pilot behind this monster of a skyline. As we drove over to our location, it was Cliff's last chance to unleash all 700 horsepower before he handed the car over to the new owner. As we went through a tunnel, he let her sing the song of her people, and sang it did. The Apexi 50mm wastegate opened alongside that RB26 roar echoed off the walls in the tunnel, notifying everyone within a 500m radius that she was coming through. Being still a Skyline without the GTR drivetrain yet, it meant all 700hp is put down only on the rear wheels all the time. He actually had a full GTR drivetrain ready for a conversion, but the decision to sell the car changed those plans. To put things into perspective of how much attention to detail put in, Cliff changed the setup of the car multiple times until it drove and produced the power in a manner which was to his satisfaction. Within a span of slightly over a year, the car has gone through 2 different camshaft setups, 3 different turbo setups, 2 different final drive and gear ratio setups. None of the setups were ever sold which meant the new owner also got his hands on a new RB26(non-n1) engine, Gearbox, 2 turbo setups, spare camshafts, spare final drives and enough parts to build another monster Skyline. He made sure everything was as reliable by replacing everything with brand new parts from Japan, including the alternator and air conditioning condenser. All body panels for the GTR conversion were original VSpec parts and even the rear fenders were custom metal quarter panels that were welded on instead of going the cheaper option of using fiberglass which might possibly crack over time. Cliff_R34_MG_9103web Everything was done in the pursuit of perfection. From our perspective, looked pretty perfect to us. Cliff_R34_MG_9076-halfweb Cliff_R34_MG_9133web He took to the interior with the same approach he had with the mechanicals and exterior with everything being swapped out for better parts that suited his needs. On the interior there still remained some traces that the car was not a GTR, missing the multi-function display on the center of the dash. It was a little detail which we could overlook considering the rest of the car was built to perfection. Cliff_R34_MG_9120web Cliff_R34_MG_9127web Cliff_R34_MG_9132web Cliff_R34_MG_9128web Cliff_R34_MG_9131web Cliff_R34_MG_9151-halfweb Cliff_R34_MG_9155-halfweb As the reality set in that all the hard work and effort put into the car was now going to be in the hands of a new owner, Cliff began to feel the heartache as he overlooked his creation from above. All his friends also showed up to big their final farewell to the beast that rode amongst them in all their group outings. Cliff_R34_MG_9183web As I joined them in admiring the car from above, we have here one of the nicest Skyline's I have come across in recent years. Living in Australia, I have the opportunity to encounter a large quantity of Skylines on a regular basis. As much as it looks like a GTR, lets not forget that this is JUST a Skyline and that's nothing to be ashamed of. When Cliff managed to make a Skyline into the monstrous beast before you, then you can just imagine what he could have done had he managed to get his hands on a real GTR. CLIFF-GROUP-SHOT_MG_9178web Specifications List: R34 Full Spec List Engine Spec Rb26 Nismo N1 Full Engine 24U(Limited Production) 86 mm Cp Pistons Manley I-Beam Conrod (1200hp) Full Nismo N1 Engine Bearings all round N1 Oil Pump N1 Water Pump Cometic 1.2mm Headgasket Arp Headstuds Plazmamann Intake throttle Limited Edition Original Veilside Engine Oil Cap 1000cc id injectors Hks in/ex camshaft gear pulley Full Tomei Valvetrain (Valve springs, retainer) Tomei Procams 260 in/ex 10.25 lift Brand New Circuit Sports Alternator Brand New from japan air-con Compressor R33 Gearbox currently being used Front 48ah Battery, connected to rear boot customized heavy duty 200 ah commercial use battery for back up. Spitfire Full Set 6 x Ignition Coil NGK Competition Spark Plugs Brand New Nissan Oem Ignition Coil Harness ECU Motec M800 Gold Box Full standalone Anti-lag and Launch Control Function Unlocked Greddy full turbo kit (t4 twin scroll) Apexi 50mm wastegate Brand new Fp gt3586 Turbo Customized 3.5 inch Downpipe connected to LTA Compliant Fujitsubo Full Cat-back legalis R exhaust Brand New Greddy aluminium radiator Brand New 25 row Mocal Oil Cooler with customized stainless steel braided hoses. Brand new 1000hp USA Branded intercooler kit. Customized Front Engine Oil catch tank Full stainless steel braided Surge tank kit, consist of main tank 400litres/hr walbro oil pump, twin dual (2) 255litres/hr surge tank oil pump. (Front to back, all fuel return hoses are all stainless steel braided with original Earl's clips and joints.) Engine Bay/Engine full stripped and Spray painted Mitsubishi Evo 9 Blue Undercarriage Bc Racing Coilover (ER Series with Canister) Front Spring rate 9kg Rear Spring rate 7kg Front and Rear Full top to bottom Neotech aftermarket undercarriage. Front and Rear anti-roll bar (WhiteLine) Front 24mm Rear 24mm Nismo Gt Pro 2 way Lsd (Brand New) Installed 2 months ago Comes with aftermarket shortened final drive, 4.363 ratio. Original is 4.081 (Will be given to new owner) Just installed last month, ordered from japan. Carbing front strut bar Original Nismo 300km/hr, 10,000rpm Meter Cluster Carbonetics Twin Plate Carbon Clutch (80% left) Fujitsubo Full Cat-Back Exhaust LTA Approved Carbon In-Print Interior Rear R34 Eagle Eyes Led Tail lights Front R34 Original Head lights with Oem xenon headlights and HID Uras Front Triple Hood Gauge Holder Defi Fuel Pressure, Turbo Boost, Exhaust Temperature HKS Water Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Oil Temperature Greddy I-colour Boost Controller Bride Low Max for Driver Side Acoustic Sound System with Rockford subwoofer with mono-amp USA branded 4 channel amp Phoenix Gold Speaker system Alpine Sound processor Pioneer Front player Original GTR V-Spec body parts. Bonnet,fenders,bumper,rear bumper Customized Metal Rear Wide body add-ons. Rear carbon diffuser with rear carbon spats. Jun carbon fibre uplift spoiler stand (11cm) Ap Racing Cp5555 6 pot front brake kit, brand new ap rotor and brake pad. Rear Gtr34 Original Brembo 2 Pot 18" Rota Rims in Gloss Black Front 9.5JJ with +15 offset 245/40/18 Toyo R888 Rear 10.5JJ with +20 offset Attached with 25mm spacer to flush the rear 265/35/18 Toyo R888 Front Original xenon hid gtr34 headlight, and led tail light.


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