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Feature : Mine's R34 GTR Vspec II Nur

Feature : Mine's R34 GTR Vspec II Nur
Before the Fast and the Furious franchise, many of those born in the early 80’s and 90’s would have grown up watching Hot Version and Best Motoring videos. Car content wasn’t as readily available on the internet as it is these days and most of us would have had to spend money in order to purchase DVDs or magazines to drool at content from countries like Japan or America. 47855694271_ef5f454441_k Half the reason Skyline GTRs are getting so expensive to purchase is probably because many of the people that wished they could own the cars they see on Video Option are finally getting to that stage in their lives they can finally afford their childhood dream car. Add that onto the fact that Americans also buying them in advance before the 25 year ruling comes into effect means an R34 GTR that once cost 80,000Aud now costs over 200,000Aud. 40888986553_850f5bb17b_k Watching all the Best Motoring and Hot version videos, you undoubtedly would have come across the Mine’s R34 GTR. The white Godzilla was used as the benchmark in many Hot Version track and touge battles alike. Mine’s actually built 3 exact copies of that particular car, since it was largely used for track and performance purposes. They liked having the option of having spare cars should anything go wrong with one of them. One of the white GTR’s is also currently owned by VSpec Performance based in Melbourne Australia. We dropped into their shop some time ago so click on the link if you have not seen it yet. 32911452197_9761310805_k40889120263_f406ffd873_k 40888955443_723a924489_k 33978398898_b8f4ba6428_k This Millennium Jade example however was Mine’s actual demo car. As their demo car it had to be the top of the range model, hence going with the choice of a Vspec II NUR and with nothing but the best parts put into it. The car was used in various GTR events and exhibitions. Flip through the pages of Japanese magazines with a picture of the Mine’s booth at events and you would have seen this exact car on display. 60202870_822462901442671_3084703154743279616_n Only 718 Vspec II Nurs were ever built out of an overall 11,577 R34 GTRs and had improved RB26 motors based off the racing N1 engine. 40889007023_51044f0757_k It's probably important to emphasise the fact that while the much revered white R34 GTR built in the Japanese videos you watch had 3 exact copies built, Mine's only built ONE millennium jade Vspec II Nur demo car. 47803403312_2a47c2a465_k32911446037_d3999b3720_k The specification list on this car is quite extensive(you will find the specs list at the bottom of this article) but the power figures aren't as high as you would imagine. The car was built with the best parts focused on reliability, response and torque. An overall 350Kw to the wheels and 550NM of torque which is considered to be rather tame by today's standards but is also likely more power than you could ever use on the street. 32911534727_eabb0d4585_k 47803505022_a98730551e_k On the interior sits a pair of Bride King Keiichi Tsuchiya edition bucket seats. What better way to pay homage to one of the drivers that helped make the entire Mine's brand famous in the first place. 47066155544_b8fc642e63_k 46939390215_c963ef53dc_k 46939419355_850c61accb_k Sitting on all fours is also an ultra rare set of Nismo LMGT4 with the centre lock wheel caps. 46939330165_07897868c1_k 46939338665_e7c421a891_kThis GTR is the only one of its kind from Mine's and it is not very often that you get to admire your childhood heroes in the flesh. MK Motorsports would also like to give special thanks and is honoured to have the Vspec Performance Mine's GTR on display at MK. 47803573442_b11e8b4beb_k47066136804_b322eb3247_k Specification List Engine: Mine's RB26 2.6L Stage 2+ (Engine ks 20,000km since rebuilt) Mine's Cams IN 260deg / Lift 10.2mm, EX 252deg / Lift 9.5mm Mine's Lightweight Forged Pistons Tomei Lightweight Forged Con Rods Reimax Oil Pump HKS Strengthened Kevlar Timing Belt Mine's Oil Pan Baffle Strengthened Valve Springs PBB (Cn-Sn-P) Valve Guides Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Valve Seats Re-cut Valve Seats Refaced Valves Inlet and Exhaust Port Honing Head Honing Metal Head Gasket Strengthened Cylinder Head Bolts Strengthened Crank Bolts Lightened and Balanced Mine's Crank WPC Finished Pulley Journal Balanced Crank Pulley Dummy Boring Block and Plateau Honing Nismo Thermostat NGK Spark Plugs N1 Water Pump Thermal Wrapping R35 GT-R Airflow Meters and Injector Kit ECU: Mine's VX-Rom ECU Exhaust: Mines Super Outlet Pro-II Downpipes Midori Titanium Front Pipe Mine’s VX2 Titanium Muffler System Turbo: HKS GT-SS Turbocharger x2 HKS Actuator Cooling: Mine’s Custom Radiator Nismo Intercooler Nismo Intercooler Piping Kit Nismo Oil Cooler Kit Aero: Nismo R-Tune Carbon Bonnet Nismo Z-Tune front bumper Nismo Side Skirt Nismo Rear Skirt Mine's Aero Mirror Type-II Mine's Carbon Boot Lip Spoiler Mine's Carbon Wing Stand Mine's Carbon Wing Blade & Fin Handling: Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch Kit Nismo Gear Knob MIne's Leather/Alcantara Steering Wheel Mine's Titanium Strut Bar Mine's Carbon Radiator Panel Wheels & Tyres: Nismo LMGT4 ADVAN Yokohama AD08R 265/30/18 Seat: BRIDE X Tsuchiya Keiichi ZETA III King Full Bucket Seat x2 Suspension: Endless Zeal Function X Coilovers Braking: Brembo F50 Front Brake Kit Nissan V36 OEM Rear Brake Kit 32911560317_1973763d5a_k 33978369828_6f96db24d4_k 40888928763_8e1fa15e3b_k 40888995643_6204f55003_k 47066212014_167f25aa78_k 47855672671_b8494867f5_k


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